About Us

Here at dumpTackle, we pride ourselves in making good looking, great quality, rugby fan wear that captures the true essence of rugby. We try our very hardest to keep things simple for our customers and we make every effort to provide exceptional customer service whenever we can. Just by existing in the rugby world and doing what we do, we've received many requests from clubs to provide them with items of stash and tour social kit. When we’ve been able to help these clubs, we have been surprised at how grateful they’ve been to deal with a company that is so straightforward, efficient and who provide great value for money. 


We were quite surprised when we spoke to a number of our friends at various clubs who informed us that arranging team kit is rarely a straightforward process. Often it involves buying from companies who don’t really seem that interested in your custom, and who’s attention to detail is limited to that of the supervisor at the factory where it is being produced on the other side of the world (which also leads to huge amounts of time spent waiting for kit to arrive)! Upon hearing this, we decided to get involved in kit manufacturing to help relieve some of the headaches that obviously exist for clubs at the moment. We don’t promise that our kit will make you faster than Habana, as gifted as Wilkinson, or as indestructible as Lomu – but by allowing us to take care of your kit needs, you’ll have more time to get on with what’s important, playing well, looking good, and feeling awesome.


Here are a just few reasons why you want to buy dumpTackle Performance rugby kit:


Quick turnaround – you can have your kit within three weeks of ordering

100% transparent pricing – no hidden fees or taxes, no delivery costs, no worries!

Quality rugby kit – colourfast and reliable rugby jerseys with a ‘no rip’ guarantee

Bespoke designs – you can have whatever design you want – at no extra cost!

Options – we give you a good amount of choice, but not too much so you can’t decide…

VIP service – all rugby clubs are important to us, no matter what size

Sizing Guide

We are confident that our t-shirts will fit the most minuscule to the moob-iest of man beasts. Take a gander at our sizing guide below, get the tape measure out and see where you fit in...


Size Guide Men: 

Size Details Height Width
Small To Fit Chest 37-38" (95cm) 27.2" (69cm) 19.7" (50cm)
Medium To Fit Chest 39-40" (100cm) 28.3" (72cm) 20.9" (53cm)
Large To Fit Chest 41-42" (105cm) 29.1" (74cm) 22" (56cm)
Extra Large To Fit Chest 43-44" (110cm) 29.9" (76cm) 23.2" (59cm)
XXL To Fit Chest 45-46" (116cm) 30.7" (78cm) 24.4" (62cm)
3XL To Fit Chest 47-48" (121cm) 31.5" (80cm) 25.6" (65cm)
4XL To Fit Chest 49-50" (126cm) 32.3" (82cm) 26.8" (68cm)
5XL To Fit Chest 51-52" (131cm) 33.1" (84cm) 28" (71cm)


Size Guide Women:
Size Details Height Width
Small To fit size 8 approx. 18" (46 cm) 16.5" (42 cm)
Medium To fit size 10 approx. 19"(48 cm) 18" (46 cm)
Large To fit size 12 approx. 20" (51 cm) 19" (48.5 cm)
Extra Large To fit size 14 approx. 20" (51 cm) 20" (51 cm)


Size Guide Kids:

Size Details Height Width
1-2 Years To Fit Chest 24" Approx. 15.5" (39cm) 12" (30cm)
3-4 Years To Fit Chest 26" Approx. 16" (41cm) 13" (33cm)
5-6 Years To Fit Chest 28" Approx. 16" (41cm) 14" (36cm)
7-8 Years To Fit Chest 30" Approx. 19" (48cm) 15" (38cm)
9-10 Years To Fit Chest 32" Approx. 19" (48cm) 17" (43cm)
11-12 Years To Fit Chest 34" Approx. 24" (61cm) 20" (51cm)


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