More Information

How The Process Works

We like to keep everything nice and easy, so this is how the process works:

- You decide to get your kit with the super awesome dumpTackle Performance.

- We send sample kits to you so you can decide which style kit you want. 

- You fill in our easy order form.

- We create a sample image which you then view and approve. 

- Once approved by your goodselves, the kit will be delivered to you within 3 weeks - thats a UK best!  

Our Express Service - 5 DAY TURNAROUND 

If you need your kit in a hurry, that's no problem! We can turn your kit around inside 5 days which is perfect if you have a charity match, if you get a new sponsor, if you're in a rush for the start of season or the old classic - you've been let down by somebody else. 

This Express service is available for the added cost of only £10 extra per kit.  

How To Order

If you like what you see here (let's face it, how can you not?!), then the rest of the process is dead easy, just sit back whilst we take care of everything. 

All you have to do is decide on the kit you want from our 'off the rack options' or have you got something bespoke and unique in mind? Simply fill in our order form found here>> and we will be in touch. 

Remember, there is no need for us to quote you because our pricing never changes! Get in touch today by emailing: 


No Rip Guarantee

We have so much confidence in the kit we are providing that we have a NO RIP GUARANTEE. If your shirt rips (which it won't), simply send it back to us and we will replace FREE OF CHARGE! 

You don't see many kit companies offering that now do you?

Sizing Guide

We are confident that our t-shirts will fit the most minuscule to the moob-iest of man beasts. Take a gander at our sizing guide below, get the tape measure out and see where you fit in...


Size Guide Men: 

Size Details Height Width
Small To Fit Chest 37-38" (95cm) 27.2" (69cm) 19.7" (50cm)
Medium To Fit Chest 39-40" (100cm) 28.3" (72cm) 20.9" (53cm)
Large To Fit Chest 41-42" (105cm) 29.1" (74cm) 22" (56cm)
Extra Large To Fit Chest 43-44" (110cm) 29.9" (76cm) 23.2" (59cm)
XXL To Fit Chest 45-46" (116cm) 30.7" (78cm) 24.4" (62cm)
3XL To Fit Chest 47-48" (121cm) 31.5" (80cm) 25.6" (65cm)
4XL To Fit Chest 49-50" (126cm) 32.3" (82cm) 26.8" (68cm)
5XL To Fit Chest 51-52" (131cm) 33.1" (84cm) 28" (71cm)


Size Guide Women:
Size Details Height Width
Small To fit size 8 approx. 18" (46 cm) 16.5" (42 cm)
Medium To fit size 10 approx. 19"(48 cm) 18" (46 cm)
Large To fit size 12 approx. 20" (51 cm) 19" (48.5 cm)
Extra Large To fit size 14 approx. 20" (51 cm) 20" (51 cm)


Size Guide Kids:

Size Details Height Width
1-2 Years To Fit Chest 24" Approx. 15.5" (39cm) 12" (30cm)
3-4 Years To Fit Chest 26" Approx. 16" (41cm) 13" (33cm)
5-6 Years To Fit Chest 28" Approx. 16" (41cm) 14" (36cm)
7-8 Years To Fit Chest 30" Approx. 19" (48cm) 15" (38cm)
9-10 Years To Fit Chest 32" Approx. 19" (48cm) 17" (43cm)
11-12 Years To Fit Chest 34" Approx. 24" (61cm) 20" (51cm)


N.b. For clothing garments: