Sevens Kit

Ordering your team's kit, made simple. At dumpTackle, we want to make this often over-complicated process, as pain-free as it can be. We pride ourselves on our transparent prices and we offer a UK best lead time of 3 weeks - we can even offer an EXPRESS design service of 10 days. Not bad hey? 

So, this is how it works. Our SEVENS bundle includes 10 kits made up of shirts, shorts, and socks. Our default kit package is 10 kits, but if you need more or less, this is no problem at all.  

Our bundles our MATCHfit shirts or beaters - or they can be mixed and matched (should one of your ringers not fancy the tighter look!). The prices you see below are as simple as possible, they include VAT and no hidden costs such as design work or delivery fee - this goes against everything we stand for.  

At dumpTackle we like to go the extra mile for you, so each whole team Sevens order will get free dumpTackle beaters - perfect for in between games. 



Our design process is nice and simple.

You can choose your kit from one of our pre-chosen designs and you just choose your team colors OR we offer a fully customizable design process which is ideal for your 7s team if you fancy something a little more out of the ordinary. We will put you in touch with one of our super friendly "rugby designers" who will take care of everything for you.



*Prices based on 10 kits


SEVENS Bundle = £699.00

To start your design experience with us, please email us at ''

Sizing Guide

We are confident that our t-shirts will fit the most minuscule to the moob-iest of man beasts. Take a gander at our sizing guide below, get the tape measure out and see where you fit in...


Size Guide Men: 

Size Details Height Width
Small To Fit Chest 37-38" (95cm) 27.2" (69cm) 19.7" (50cm)
Medium To Fit Chest 39-40" (100cm) 28.3" (72cm) 20.9" (53cm)
Large To Fit Chest 41-42" (105cm) 29.1" (74cm) 22" (56cm)
Extra Large To Fit Chest 43-44" (110cm) 29.9" (76cm) 23.2" (59cm)
XXL To Fit Chest 45-46" (116cm) 30.7" (78cm) 24.4" (62cm)
3XL To Fit Chest 47-48" (121cm) 31.5" (80cm) 25.6" (65cm)
4XL To Fit Chest 49-50" (126cm) 32.3" (82cm) 26.8" (68cm)
5XL To Fit Chest 51-52" (131cm) 33.1" (84cm) 28" (71cm)


Size Guide Women:
Size Details Height Width
Small To fit size 8 approx. 18" (46 cm) 16.5" (42 cm)
Medium To fit size 10 approx. 19"(48 cm) 18" (46 cm)
Large To fit size 12 approx. 20" (51 cm) 19" (48.5 cm)
Extra Large To fit size 14 approx. 20" (51 cm) 20" (51 cm)


Size Guide Kids:

Size Details Height Width
1-2 Years To Fit Chest 24" Approx. 15.5" (39cm) 12" (30cm)
3-4 Years To Fit Chest 26" Approx. 16" (41cm) 13" (33cm)
5-6 Years To Fit Chest 28" Approx. 16" (41cm) 14" (36cm)
7-8 Years To Fit Chest 30" Approx. 19" (48cm) 15" (38cm)
9-10 Years To Fit Chest 32" Approx. 19" (48cm) 17" (43cm)
11-12 Years To Fit Chest 34" Approx. 24" (61cm) 20" (51cm)


N.b. For clothing garments: